Interesting side effect

In an attempt to minimize the clutter on my screen in the Forum, I have turned off displaying the Gallery in my preferences.
It has the unexpected affect of making the new Gallery band go blank.
Not surprising but unexpected.

John, with your post as my prompt I tried to find the control in my preferences but had no joy. Can you give more information on where it’s located and how to get there? Or do you need to be a McNeel user to see it at this point?

@sam I’d consider it “not surprising” only if the feature was a WIP right now. I certainly would expect the Gallery band to go away completely in the finished version.

Click on your avatar in the upper right
Click on your name
Click on Preferences
Click on Categories
In the Muted section, click on Search
Type Gallery and any other categories you don’t want to see
Click the blue Save Changes button on the bottom

Aha! I didn’t think of it in terms of turning off categories. I was looking for an “interface” feature switch.

I guess we’ve always had the capability to mute the gallery. The surprise, I guess, is that it will empty the gallery bar.

I think I will continue to wait for the gallery bar switch to turn up @sam ?