Hiding forum categories

Is it possible to either choose to hide certain Categories, or make a filter to choose what categories to show on the forum?

For example say,
You never use rhino for mac and would not mind hiding the category.
You never work with scripting/development, it might be nice to hide those as well.

This way the forum will be more accessible and more focused on the user.


This topic is discussed over at meta.discourse.org

You may want to add some comments about how you would like to see it implemented.

The opening topic there looks perfectly fine, To reply there I can not use the forum account I am using here I take it?

Right, it is a different site so you would need to register a separate account there. I just use my google login for all of these sites.

Looking at the topic there it looks just as if it is already possible to turn on/off preferred categories, is this true?

I believe this should be true once we update our discourse server. Sam just added this feature a couple of days ago and I like to wait until they officially bump their version number before upgrading our server.

Cool! thanks for the feedback! This should surely boost the clarity of the forums : )

I just updated the discourse server, so this feature should be available in your preferences now.

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Thanks! @sam Just a small niggle, when you click in the space to enter a category, you get a blank box and you need to type a character to show the available categories, but the character you type limits the selection. IMO it would be better if there was a dropdown immediately. What I do now to see all is spacebar-backspace…

Cool thanks for the implementation! I’ve added a couple of categories to my ‘muted’ option, yet they still show up in the ‘latest’ section of the site, I was hoping this would hide them from the list.

I’m not sure that we can tell this early.
At least not from the categories that I muted. I unmuted to check but there haven’t been new postings in those categories. Note that new replies to muted categories will still show up as you have started reading the thread.
But, by all means, it is possible that your muted categories have had new entries …

So it does not hide all posts? only new ones from the chosen categories? in that case never mind me so far : )

I would think so, yes. Of course, I haven’t read the documentation… :wink:

We shan’t read! We shall wait and see ^^

Sadly, It does not work as hoped. Topics from “muted” categories still show up in the “Latest” page, which is the default landing page for me

All “Muted” does - as far as I understand - is an automatic “mark all read” of the category. It will not hide categories nor posts… Simply that they do not get counted in your “new/unread” tallies. Did I get that right?


I am afraid that is also the way I also expect it to work, but not the functionality I hoped for

Sorry, I will be adding that, hold tight till your next release cycle.


hurray! all hail @sam!