Ability to hide topics?

Hi guys, @discourse
is there a way to hide topics in the main topic list for a given category? I would like to hide the ones that are out of my interest zone or i’m otherwise not wanting to look at when I scroll through regularly.


Yes this is covered in this topic and now complete. We can probably close this meta topic as a duplicate of that one.

Check your user page, preferences, categories – you can mark entire categories as watched, tracked, or muted.

hi Jeff, thanks for getting back. I don’t want to hide whole categories (I never understood why the user community here would want to hide whole categories), I just want to hide individual topics. For example someone posts about render mesh density in the Rhino for Windows category, and I’ve read all I want to read on that particular topic, I just want to hide that topic with a little click next to it.


Ah, you can do that by using the notification button at the bottom of the
topic. Set it to “muted.”

This does not hide the topic though, at least not for me. Is it supposed to hide it or just mute updates about it? I make this selection on a topic, go back to main list, hit refresh, topic is not hidden.

Also, if this is indeed the process for hiding topics, it would mean having to go through and open topics, scroll to bottom of posts and make this dropdown change. I thought perhaps there could be a better way.

That is a fair point. @sam what do you think? Right now if you mute a category it disappears from the home page and /categories, does it not? Shouldn’t muting a topic do that as well for consistency?

No, it doesn’t.

Check this post it holds the I believe most recent news, Sam posted there a couple of days ago.