WISH - Ability to hide categories

As stated in the subject: I’d like to be able to entirely hide categories (especially in my unread list) that I have no interest in.


I think I asked for the same thing in asking for a category filter…

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Ok. So that’s two votes. :slight_smile:

(And just realized I could edit my horribly misspelled subject line. I had butchered the word “categories”. Nice.)

Just testing but also adding a +1 to the idea of category filter.

Rather than replying with a +1, please indicate your like by clicking the heart below the original post :smile:


Got it. Still figuring this out. So is a ‘like’ going to become a statistical measure for the development team?
I gave your post a ‘like’ because I appreciated feedback. I guess in some cases the meaning of a like will be more obvious than in others.

It will certainly be a statistic, by its nature of counting. But whether it is useful for making any kind of decision remains to be seen.

Adding “likes” is something some people cringe at, but frankly, it’s a great way of gauging how much an idea is appreciated, without creating a cluttered string of additional messages with no additional content. It’s very efficient, unlike the old NNTP system that required an entire tree of “+1” comments just to show that people liked an idea.

I was sure you would tell us to use @sam or @discourse to actually get something done on this one. Or is this one you can change yourself?
[confused :wink: ]

This is very much a core feature, we totally support adding it, I foresee it being quite important here. Many users will just not care about particular products and may wish to suppress all discussion about them. Others may feel very passionately about particular products / categories and will wish to track by default (for example)

To help us drive this would you mind posting some mocks of how/where you would set these options (and what the options would be), either here or on http://meta.discourse.org (our government site)

@sam : I imagine it like this:

Tick marks to turn on/off categories, un-ticked ones drop to the bottom of the list and go light grey.

That would work for me. Even if you don’t implement it like this, I’d still rather see a nice linear list of categories, rather than the jumble that currently exists:

I personally find that impossible to visually digest in a quick manner. Too cluttered.


I also dislike the tag cloud of categories, its hard to digest. I do like giving each a line (as an advantage we can also display unread/new counts per category there).

I like that you would push the “on/off” category state there, however feel that placing the toggle there can be a bit risky, it makes it too easy to turn off a category (also what about if you want to “track” a category)

Perhaps if we pushed this into the “About” topic eg:

Perhaps we force you to click an edit button before allowing you to muck with categories in the drop down?

Tracking a category would be very useful (IMO), or is it already possible?


Sorry, I don’t follow your meaning on that part. I wouldn’t have a problem with an edit button or even making it a little more buried… and any newly added categories would be “on” by default to allow discovery. I imagine you’d only adjust category settings once in a long while, so if it weren’t extraordinarily easy to find or edit, that wouldn’t likely be a big deal. I imagine it will be rare times that a caegory gets turned on or off after the first time you make adjustments.

My big concern is that I don’t want a UI to allow you to easily suppress categories by mistake.

Not at the moment, thinking about it.

Sure. Like I said, feel free to make it a bit more difficult to change the setting, it doesn’t strike me as something people will do daily.

There is no like-button on this mobile GUI but I agree with Heath.

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That does not seem like a huge problem to me if it is easy to see what’s being tracked as in Heath’s mockup and just as easy to reset if you goof.


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