Need help with a Rhino model; willing to pay for a little assistance

Hi - we have a Rhino model that I need to understand and learn. I have basic CAD skills, but I don’t know Rhino - and the rest of the crew wants to shift everything over to Solidworks.

I’m trying to prevent that - and need someone who can sit with me for a day and show me how to use Rhino via the model we have…

I’m going to be paying for this on my own - so don’t have a large corporate budget… (I can cook though, and I’m very good at mixing beverages… :smile: )

Anyone able to help? Or know someone who can…?

you could post the file and explain what is needed, i am sure some people may chime in to give you a hand. i can also help you a little more in private if wished but i may not be too available the next days, but make a start and we see.

Hi Richard – sorry – the model is an item to be manufactured – so we cannot post it to a forum… Best if it’s done offline, no problem if we need to wait a few days… what’s your availability and how much would you want…?

Thanx, Stephen

Stephen, you forgot to mention the area you live in, and what kind of model is this (a yacht, a doorknob etc.)

The type of object might explain why moving it to SolidWorks is necessary. What is your concern with that?


You could try to find a similar item for learning. You don’t need to show the product under development.