Is anyone using XIrusCAD?

Hi all,

I saw this software last year at a conference/tradeshow. It seems like it has evolved quite a bit since then. Is anyone using this for product design?

Is it working well? Stable?

We would like to have something that works well for organic modeling inside Rhino. Rhino SubDs development is taking just way too long for us. if this si useful we could jump on this in the meantime or as a complementary tool.

If you are a user, or if you tested this I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thx.


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Hey Gustavo,

I tested out XirusCAD for a couple weeks last year. Watched all the tutorials and made some models for fun but nothing for production. The surfacing quality and reliability of the tools was very good, but the UI was lacking and it was missing some key tools for my workflow. That was last summer though so it might be better improved now I haven’t checked.

Talked to them at Develop3D live last week. Seems quite a robust system. I’ve yet to try it though (on the cards for this week).