Installation error 1603


I have a computer here (Win 7 64-bit) that wouldn’t accept the latest service pack. It kept looking for the original install location for sr3, but even when I pointed to it, the installation failed. I ended up uninstalling Rhino and starting fresh. Unfortunately only the 32 bit version will install. I’m getting error 1603. The 64-bit icon appears for a minute or so, then disappears and the installation fails. I’m using the 5.5.30717.16015 install file. Rhino 5(64-bit) was installed here previously.

Any advice? I am logged in as administrator.



edit: Found the wiki page covering this error. I will see how that goes.

(John Brock) #2

The 1603 error is a general, non-specific error. The dialog that displayed the error had a link to an Install.log file. Please open the file, save it, and send it back in a reply. It should have the details in it to be more specific about what failed so we can suggest a fix.

Here is the article to fix 1603:


mcneel install (2013-08-27 08-31).zip(75.7 KB)

Here is the log file. We ended up going back to a system restore point (before I uninstalled Rhino) and stepped through service release 4 then 5. Service release 3 to 5 failed.

It would still be interesting to know why this wouldn’t install from scratch.



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Unfortunately in this case, there’s nothing in the log that points to a specific error. It looks like the installer could not find the key code. That makes no sense for a SR install.

Either way, I’m glad you sorted it.

The Download page on the Rhino Web site has a download for the full version at the current service release (5.5 currently) so you can avoid installing and updating if you need to do this again.


This was the file I was attempting to install after I uninstalled the original. I thought the same thing, skip the update process and go right for 5.5.