Help install

Hi.install for win 11 error

That looks like an older V6 installer, SR31.
The current installer is SR35.
You can download the installer from the Archive section of the Download page.

Hi john. I downloaded it from the site, but now it gives error 1603. Windows 11 is a full update

I’m not surprised V6 won’t install under Windows 11.
There will not be a fix.
Rhino 7 should work.

Rhino 7 or 6 they both give this error rhino.msi:-2147023293

Please send the log file linked in the installer error message.
Hopefully there will be something there.

Rhino_7_20220602022311.rar (8.8 KB)

Are you running any local antimalware tools?
If so temporarily disable them and try running the installer again.

Here’s what I see in the log file that makes me wonder:
[2AE0:1C04][2022-06-02T02:23:14]e000: Error 0x80070002: Failed attempt to download update feed from URL: ‘’ to: ‘C:\Users\salma\AppData\Local\Temp\UpdateFeed_20220602022311.xml’

I recently bought this laptop.Windows Original.I do not have an installation program.window security disabe. :lying_face:

I also see a couple MSI error 1603 codes in the log.
That generally indicates the Windows is behind on updates.
Run Check for Updates, install them, reboot, run CFU again, and keep repeating until Windows say’s it’s fully updated.
Then try the Rhino installer again.

Thank you, I’ll keep trying.

Here are the general instructions for things to do for MSI 1603 errors:

Rhino 6 installs fine on Win 11 - as does Rhino 5 even.

Rhino_6_20220602140707.rar (9.0 KB)
HI.rhimo 6 This also gives an error. I’m tired

Windows is a full update. I do not understand the reason for the error

Why is no one helping me? :smiling_face_with_tear:

call us at 206-545-6877

I am Iran. The situation here is difficult :sweat_smile:
Can you log in with your any desk and fix it?

hit the chat button on and a tech will try and help-

Does not show me chat.