Install in Rhino WIP & Rhino 7

I am getting an error on startup where the install is missing the Grasshopper Plug-in GhVa20.
I am running the Rhino WIP (soon to buy the R7 upgrade) on Windows 10 with Bootcamp.
The tool bars look like they load; am I missing something?

Hi Kevin -
I take it that this dialog box comes up when you open an existing Grasshopper definition?
What happens when you launch VisualARQ from its own icon on the desktop or the start menu?

Hi Wim,

The .3dm has VisualARQ plan elements in it , but that is all…
There is no grasshopper file associated with nor used on this file.
The .3dm file used above was build from a VA template.

This happens when I right click on an existing .3dm file >Open with>Rhino BETA
VA loads the license manager first, the file opens, then Grasshopper loads automatically.
There are more than 12 of these warnings:

Then this warning:

Then the GhVa20 error I posted earlier.

*no errors are reported when following your suggestion to open VisualARQ and Rhino BETA from the desktop icon (nor by opening Rhino BETA first), then opening the existing .3dm with VA elements.

So far, I do not notice a loss of functionality, but there are sure many errors (when opening the file directly)!