Bug - missing Gh elements when switching between workstations

Let’s start with this setup in V7+VA:

I’m trying to open file in WiP which doesn’t have VA.
Some components appear blank (OK), some disappear (not OK)

I am developing definitions for a larger team and, at this point, it is only me who is having VA for testing.
This issue is preventing me from using VA at this point.
I know, when the file will be returned to me from someone not having VA, I will loose tons of precious work.
I am talking about heavy setup, +3000 components, easy to do mistake and screw the whole work trying to restore lost connections.

Hello @Piotr,

I couldn’t reproduce the error, which VisualARQ version are you using? In case you have a previous release, please, install the latest to see if we can solve the problem this way: Update - VisualARQ

OK, thanks.
I’ll do it tonight and will let you know.

Hi Alfonso
This problem is still there.
I think it is worth to mention that I am doing those tests trying to open file in WiP.

This is not something VA can do anything about. Fix: ensure you have VA installed in your WIP as well.

The problem is that some VA things are there some don’t.
The GH file will be sent to someone who doesn’t have a VA and, at the same time, I would give myself a chance to test VA on the very same file.
I know it is not a perfect setup but I am trying to catch two birds in one go, could be impossible.

Sure, but my point is that when loading a file that uses components from a plug-in that is not available to Grasshopper missing components etc are the “fault” of Grasshopper - not VA.

Oh, OK. Thanks.

Hi @Piotr VisualARQ is not yet available for Rhino WIP. That’s why GH can’t identify the VA components.

OK, that explains everything.