Install Flamingo NXT WIP

The latest version from Flamingo NXT WIP expired. I downloaded the update. Some installing routine starts when I start the update.
But when I start Rhino 5.0 64bit the message occurs "The version of flamingo… expired, website will open to download…"
So this will bring me in some sort of time warp, without an working flamingo WIP version.

Were did you get the link to the download?

The normal link to the beta was here. We are transitioning to the release version of Flamingo. The Evaluation version has repalced the Beta here:

But is there a different link location that you have downloaded from?

I use the beta WIP. The download link was

Perfect, Thank you very much. I will work to get that to forward to the proper location. In the mean time here is a link to get Flamingo nXt 5 free upgrade offer:

That works so far - thanks!

I forwarded that address off to the upgrade page directly. Please give that a try.

The same happened to me. The message “…NXT WIP expired…” appeared. I started the download after beeing asked for my keycode for present FLAMINGO NXT. After the download I opened Rhino again and I got a window “… Please wait. Rhino is config. new plug-in…” or something like this but there was no visible progress and after 10 minutes I decided to cancel. I did it a second time with the same result and therefore I decided to click into the little box " …don´t show message again… ".
Maybe there is a problem with my ANTIVIRUS programme (G-DATA) ? Anyway —at the moment FLAMINGO WIP is not running on my PC.

Same here. I downloaded the WIP, installed, Flamingo works but each time I start Rhino I see that same screen, browser window pop up etc. No big deal but annoying.

I installed the free upgrade - now I realized that I’m only able to place decals from the top view, if they should be viewable in the rendered picture.
I mean I can place decals from all perspective views.
They are even visible in the preview modus.
But when I render – only the decal from, the top view is visible

If you un-install the Flamingo WIP and install the Flamingo released version here:

Does that work? The new version download is not a beta version.

I am getting the same results with the decals. We will see what it will take to get that fixed. Thank you for reporting it.

Hm - this is what the app or program manager tells me
this is how it looks in Rhino after I installed flamingo NXT 5.0
So the only thing i can un-install is the previous version.

Yes, I see you have multiple Flamingo 5 installs. The first you uninstalled was an old WIP. The beta that persists is an RHI that requires this procedure to clear it:

That will make sure all the RHI versions are removed.

Sorry for the confusion,

Ok - after some un-installing, deleting restarting and other fun stuff :wink:
it looks like a running system again - hope that’ll last!
Anyhow - thanks a lot for the help!

We just pushed out a new update. It will fix the problem with the decals at orientations away from the standard c-plane.

It should automatically get pushed to everyone’s machines over the next few hours.