Flamingo nXt 5 Commercial Release

Apologies if I have missed a previous discussion, but I was just wondering if the Flamingo nXt 5 release available currently for upgrading from nXt-2 (Flamingo5_Release_20160211_1000) is still a Beta release or is it the full Commercial version?

The 2016-02-11 release should be a release version:

Excellent, thanks - Is there a listing of new features compared to the older version?

You can find the additions here: http://www.flamingo3d.com/en/news/


I just tried installing FnXt 5 (Flamingo5_Release_20160222_0928.rhi), updating from 3.1.2014.606. The installation starts, I click All Users, OK the Windows 7 x64 window about making changes, and then… nothing. No progress window; no disk activity; nothing at all that I can see. Task Manager does not show the Rhino Installer as running.

On starting Rhino 5, FnXt still shows 3.1.2014.606 as installed, and Check for Updates says that I have the latest version.

Any assistance is appreciated.


There should be two Flamingo versions listed under the Render pulldown > Current Renderer >. The new version is Flamingo nXt 5. That should have a checkmark by it.

Thanks for responding, Scott.

My Current Renderer window shows Rhino Render and Flamingo nXt, with a bullet on Flamingo. No FnXt 5 shown.

Then it has not installed or loaded into Rhino yet. So, lets go back to some basics:

  1. This is Windows 7 64-bit. Is Rhino running 64bit or 32-bt version?
  2. What is the exact Rhino version. Go to the Help pulldown> About Rhinoceros. What is the detailed version number and SR number?
  3. It is possible the RHI is blocked: copy the RHI to you Desktop. Does it install from there?

Do you have any virus software running? Can you disable it?

Thanks again, Scott.

Working backwards, because no. 3. did the trick.

(3.) Copied the rhi file to desktop, and installed from there. This time, got an installation progress window, and a successful installation message. On starting Rhino, got a FnXt 5 plugin notice. Current Renderer window shows both FnXt and FnXt 5, with FnXt selected.
(2.) Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015)
(1.) Rhino 64 bit.
(0.) Did not disable anti-virus software, because 3. worked.

I appreciate your help, Scott.


I am glad that worked.

Just for the record, there are some Internet security programs that do not applications to run from the Downloads folder specifically. So, copying the installer to the Desktop is a quick way to bypass this.

Good to know. First time I have run across this. Thanks again.

Flamingo 5 is less buggy than Flamingo nXt. Most of Flamingo 5 bugs are in its plant editor.