Install Fails, Visual C++ problem

The error (I can’t upload the file … ) is:

Error 1638. Could not run “vc_redist.x64.exe /install /log
“C\Windows\SetupLogs\Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2016 Redistributable x64.14.28.29914.0.Install.log” /passive /norestart”

I’m tempted just to uninstall that version of Visual C++ but I also have Autodesk Revit on this machine which is work critical and I know also uses Visual C++.

Suggestions please.

Hi @Duncan_Lithgow_HLA,

Are you sure this error related to VisualARQ, a Rhino plug-in?

Visual C++ (a Microsoft Library) is not related to VisualARQ.


Sorry, you’re right. My intention is to install VisualARQ - but it required an upgrade which is now failing. I’ve now put this topic into a more appropriate forum.