Visual C++ problem installing latest build Rhino WIP

Today I found this strange problem upgrading Rhino WIP. It’s the first time in my life that I found a strange behaviour like this: impossible to upgrade to latest Visual C++ and impossible to uninstall. The Microsoft online help does’nt help

Is this in the new WIP?
I did not see this problem myself.

Yes John. The latest one. I never saw something like this

I run a standalone licensed version on a computer that has no internet connection, so I use the offline update method. I downloaded the installer for Tuesday’s update and ran it on my Rhino computer. It got partway through and presented a message box saying it couldn’t find the network connection to download required additional software - specifically the Visual C++ runtime version mentioned in your message box. It suggested I either connect to the internet or run the installer on a computer that had internet access and instead of clicking the install button click the gear icon to the right of it. This brings up another window that has a line near the bottom in small print that mentions something about “offline installation”. Click those specific words in that line and the installer will download a directory called “redist”. Before you do that make sure there’s no old version of redist in the directory where the installer is located by renaming or deleting the old one. Renaming is probably best just in case. If your Rhino computer is on the internet just run the installer again by clicking “install”. It should proceed to completion. If it’s not on the internet move the redistribution directory to your Rhino computer in the same directory as the installer and run the install again.

I hope your issue is just a variant on the one I had and this fixes it.

Good Luck.

Thanks for your clever solution. I did as you suggested the offline install process because actually dowload all the necessary Visual C++ version but at the end the error message come again. The 2015 Visual c++ release stopped suddently and a pop up ask for an inexistent software source. Difficult to understand why

I’m sorry the offline solution didn’t work. @brian Any ideas?

You was really kind to help me. At the end after using a Microsoft repair tool, uninstall all the Visual C++ since 2012, disperatelly I started once again the Rhino Wip online installer and everything goes perfectly until end. Thanks :slight_smile: