Installation: Error code 2503 & 2502

Hi there,
I’ve just installed the 90 day trial version of Rhino to try out VisualArq, but I get error codes 2503 and 2502 before the installation is complete.

I’m using a friend’s PC with Nvidia recently formatted, that he would sell me :slight_smile: No big deal. Seriously, is there a way to fix it?



Hello @Nick19,

Is this happenin with the Rhino installer or with the VisualARQ installer? It looks like a Windows error… please, restart the computer, download VisualARQ again and install it again. If you get more information about this, please, let me know. If you can send me some screenshots of the different stages of the problem, that could be helpful to find a solution as well.

Hello @alfmelbev , thank you for your support. I’ve already rebooted and reinstalled Rhino. Nothing changes.
The errors occur during the installation of VisualArq, almost at the end of the process. First error 2503 and then error 2502. Rhino was installed correctly shortly before. Both are 90 day trial licences. Windows 10 Pro. Any clues?

No one can help me?.. :roll_eyes:

Hi Nick,
I assume you are trying VisualARQ on Rhino 7, is that right?
It looks like the installation ended prematurely. We need you to follow these steps in order to figure out what’s happening and help you:

  1. Uninstall all versions of VisualARQ you have in your computer.

  2. Create a folder in your desktop and give it a name, for example “visualarq”.

  3. Copy the visualarq setup file inside the folder you have just created in the step 2. Important: keep the setup file with the same name as it has when you downloaded it (which should be VisualARQ2-Rhino7.msi)

  4. Unzip and copy the attached file to the folder you have created: (184 Bytes)

  5. Run the .bat file and install VisualARQ normally.

  6. A file VisualARQ2-Rhino7.log will appear inside the folder. PLEASE SEND US THIS FILE. (to this thread or to


Hi @fsalla
The OS doesn’t seem to be installed properly, so the bat file won’t run either. This is my assumption on this pc, which I’ll bear to the assistance in order to spend no more time about it. What kind of errors are 2503 & 2502? Just to give the guys a few clues. Thanks for your help.


These are Windows Installer errors, not specifically related to VisualARQ.

What do you mean? Do you get any error? Getting the same 2503 and 2052 errors is expected, but a .log file should be generated next to the .bat and .msi files.


Hi Eric,
when I double clicked on the bat file it generated an error message so I turned off the pc and threw it out of the window. I picked it up and took it to the service centre. :slight_smile:

Thanks for support