Insolation/Radiation Analysis Ladybug gone wrong

Hi guys, so i wanted to do an insolation analysis for my panel project but this error happened:

  1. Solution exception: No Radiance installation was found on this machine.
    Download and install the version of Radiance listed in the Ladybug Tools compatibility matrix
    1.4 Compatibility Matrix · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub

I tried to download the Radiance file but the error keeps happening! I truly don´t know what to do!
I tried to download at this page Release Radiance 5.4a (2021-03-28) · LBNL-ETA/Radiance · GitHub and i downloaded all the Windows and Source Code files from the screenshoot below but nothing works…

And also i am having trouble connecting my panel with the insolation analysis. I really need some help!

teste-insolação-24.11.3dm (42.5 KB)

teste-insolaçã (62.0 KB)


The folks over at the Ladybug forum can probably provide you with better help.

I tried but I can´t post there yet… i am a new member and my post needs approval

Hi Mari -

That would be a recent change to that site, then.
It used to be that you weren’t able to attach files to your first posts and that you needed to spend some time reading different posts, starting with the guidelines, and searching for similar issues as the one that you are having. After spending time reading posts, you would automatically be granted rights to post files.

@chris12 , can you confirm that this procedure has changed?

Hey @wim ,

Sorry for the late response. All new members of Ladybug Tools forum need to at least look at a few other topics before they get the privilege to make their own post. I’m sure that McNeel discourse has something similar since this is really the only good way to defend against the torrent of bots that will spam any internet forum they can find to boost their search optimization.

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