LadybugTools: Radiance installation not found

I have followed the steps to installing all the ladybug tools and I have also installed Radiance and OpenStudio separately as I was getting this error prior. I keep getting this error below… :unamused: Anyone know how to resolve this?

1. Solution exception:No Radiance installation was found on this machine.
Download and install the version of Radiance listed in the Ladybug Tools compatibility matrix
1.4 Compatibility Matrix · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub

Thank you :pray:

I’ve been trying to resolve this all day, and of course after asking for help I managed. :joy:

I will post the solution below in case anyone else has this issue.

Basically, uninstall Radiance (if already installed separately) and use the Compatibility Matrix below:

Note, if following the matrix doesnt work (first 2 installs didnt for me, not sure why but irrelevant), you will get a new error asking to install a version of radiance past a certain date (you can see the dates on the matrix). Since it is easy to uninstall and reinstall Radiance it doesn’t take long to find the right version.

Now here is the important part! The trick is when installing Radiance, check the box “Add Radiance to the system PATH for all users” on the installation options. And after that make sure the destination of the installation is C:\Radiance. The start menu folder selected following that should be simply “Radiance”.

Going to close the topic. :v: