How to run radiation analysis of a panelled façade. Can anyone explain why this pathway won't run please?

Please may someone explain why this radiation analysis pathway won’t work? Please see attached the grasshopper file.

Final project - (658.6 KB) Final - Copy.3dm (106.9 KB)

Hey, can you post some screenshots with the issue? Would be useful before I download your definition. And a bit more explanation would be nice! :grinning:

Thanks for your reply. Please find attached a screen shot of the pavilion in rhino and the radiation analysis pathway that isn’t yet working.
I would like to find the radiation of the panels at varying angles according to the epw file from Hanoi. The aim is to show the shading level of the angled panels and compare the results at different angles.

I’d really appreciate help if possible.

pagolin pavilion image 1.1 pagolin pavilion image 1

Got it!

Just download the files directly with the ladybug component. Sometimes I couldn’t make the gh read the file from my computer also. But, everytime that i use this component it works great!

Use the “download epw…” to open the ladybug epw weather map, and then after you choose your city, copy the link and with the “open epw and stat…” connect with a panel. Automatically downloads and read the file for you. Hope it helps!

See the attached files, the configuration it’s simple!

Also, if you want to learn more about the basics of ladybug, I recommend the Philipp youtube Channel: #notAnAd

Final project - (666.6 KB)

Hi Leonardo,

Thanks so much for your help.
I’ve downloaded the file you amended but the radiation analysis still appears orange and will not run when the toggle is set to true. May you know why this is, and did this happen when you had a go?
Please see attached a screen shot of the issue and the grasshopper and rhino files.

Final project - (665.5 KB) Final project - (60.8 KB)

Kind regards,
Radiation analysis screen shot error 2

Hi Leonardo,
I’ve managed to make this run, yet not analysis is visible on the model.
May you help, if possible.

Kind regards,
Anna Final project - (668.6 KB) Final project - (217.7 KB)

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Hi Anna. We normally recommend posting Ladybug Tools questions on its dedicated Discourse forum (i.e. where Mostapha, Chris et al. are more likely to see it and offer help):

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oh, sorry Anna! I Didn’t understand the simulation wasn’t running. I thought you coulnd’t load the files.

So, I was running the simulation but then my grasshopper froze. Not one, but several times.

I may advice you to create a lighter geometry, it may help. and check your data to see if you arent connectint some graft into some flatten.

Otherwise, I also recommend you post our question in the ladybug forum as Anders mentioned.


Okay, thank you for your replies.
I’ll ask questions on the ladybug forum in future as well.

Kind regards,

Hi Leonardo and Anders,

I have posted on the Ladybug forum and had no success. I wonder whether this may be because as a new user I am unable to unload files as a reference.

May you be able to help with the issue I am having:
As you know I have developed a parametric pathway that creates a pavilion with rotating panels (I’ve created a lighter geometry since as you suggested). The aim is for the panels to rotate at the optimum angle to provide shading in response to solar radiation analysis.
Rather than manually adjusting the angle of rotation I would like it to be defined by the radiation analysis.

I’ve had a go and creating the radiation analysis for Hanoi, Vietnam, but am struggling to remap the information so that the sunlight radiation sets the angle rotation of the panels, do you know how?
Also, may you know how do I set the sunlight radiation across the whole year, and at certain times of the year where a range of data is shown for the amount of radiation ie from blue to red, at the moment it shows radiation at 0KWh/m2 only?

Please see attached the reference files.
I’d really appreciate help if possible.

Kind regards,
Anna Final project - 6.3dm (58.4 KB) Final project - (643.5 KB)

Hi Anna -

When you read the forum guidelines and search and read a few threads that are similar, you will quickly gain the right to attach files on that forum. And, yes, a file will pretty much always be necessary to get help.

Okay thank you.

Kind regards,