Inserting DWG references as linked blocks

Hi everyone,

I am having slight difficulty with referencing and insertion of dwg drawings into the rhino file.

I would like to ideally insert dwg file as a reference that I cannot change (without exploding) but I can move around (ie flip section so it is in accordance with the plan). You can imagine each ground floor plan on its level cut through with sections and all of it updating itself when I want or automatically.

I was able to achieve it by inserting bunch of drawings as linked block definition , layer style as reference, and inserting it as a block instance. Then dragging them to the desired position. (please see images for clearer explanation)

Everything seems to work but each time I open this file again all the settings of attached blocks like color of specific layers (ie I want the whole section to be in blue to clearly see the changes), the order I have added them , change to the starting point of when I have inserted them.

I would appreciate your ideas.