INSERT point of the grasshopper geometry within ArchiCAD

Hello dear community.

I hope that by now someone has had a closer look at the Grasshopper ArchiCAD connection!

We are currently trying out the live connection in our office, but we are having a problem defining the insertion point of the Grasshopper geometry in ArchiCAD, or rather moving or rotating it.

Can anyone help us? How can we do this? Does anyone have experience in this field?

Thank you very much for your answer and have a good start to the week!


Hi Maxim

Grasshopper – Archicad Live Connection is a tool that is developed and maintained by Graphisoft. For help with their tool, I’d recommend going to their user forum.

Hello Wim. Thank you very much for the quick response. Unfortunately, no one can help me there either. I was hoping that someone who is really good at Grasshopper has dealt with this problem and can help me.

Best, Maxim (15.2 KB)

Hi, thank you for the good week wishes, and the same to you.

  1. The Archicad world coordinates correspond to the Rhino ones. So something on the origin in Rhino, would be on the origin in Archicad, something 10,5,3 (x,y,z) from the origin in Rhino will be the same in Archicad, and so on.

  2. You cannot move (or generally manipulate) archicad elements directly with Grasshopper components (only with Archicad ones).

  3. What you do is, manipulate the grasshopper elements (curves, points etc) you will use to create the archicad elements, and only output them as Archicad elements right at the end of your script. Consider the Archicad elements as output components just for display (almost, but not quite), like custom preview.

  4. But what if you want to manipulate existing Archicad elements you brought in from Archicad or which you created in Grasshopper? In this case you deconstruct your Archicad elements to grasshopper elements, manipulate those, and then reconstitute it as an archicad element. For example, for the Archicad Wall element you can get the profile curve that defines the path of the wall, on which you would do all your grasshopper operations using that curve as reference for the wall (eg, using grasshopper components, get points on the curve spaced parametrically) and then use those points on the wall to place your windows parametrically.

If you had a more specific question or script of what you are trying to achieve I could possible give you a clearer and more specific answer.

I attached a file with examples of what i wrote about.