Workflow with ArchiCAD and Ladybug

“Hi! I’m new here and that’s my first post so hello to everyone! I hope I chose the right category… Anyway, I’d like to ask you if any of you have a workflow while working in ArchiCAD with Live Connection to Grasshopper. I tried to find similar post but the closest question was in terms of Revit. I’d like to ask you what you do or what would be the best way to work with those two fantastic apps.
For example, I’ve created a simple one-family building, all bim-ready so with all the necessary information included and now I want to analyze it with Honeybee, or to try some sollutions with butterfly. Do I have to remodel a basic model in rhino? Is it possible to export-import it somehow? Or at least some parts of it? For example I’d make some 3d zones inside ArchiCAD, all “connected” to each other, trimmed to roof and so on and then export it to Rhino to “polish” it later? And how does it look with glazing? Can I use somehow windows created in ArchiCAD or do I have to create in once again using Honeybee and then do the simulation?
I’m new in this field but I’m really excited about the possibilities! At the end - thank you guys for such great work! Ladybug is the best bug!”

The above is a quote from my post in Ladybug forum. It didn’t get me far though, so I came here asking for your ideas. If anyone is wondering a little bit on the questions asked abouve, @Mostapha answerd my post and solved many problems. I paste a link to that post below. So again if any of you have any expirience with combining power of those two application - please, please share your ideas. :slight_smile:


Hi Avikgraf

I´m an ArchiCAD user, look, when ArchiCAD have created the first version of ArchiCAD-Rhino-Grasshopper connection, it was always one way,luckily from version 21 and with the minumum update build 4022, the connection is bi-directional. So make sure you will work with ArchiCAD version 21 & with the last update.

About the rest, I can’t help you, since that I haven’t tried this type of work flow yet.

Anyway, I would like to ask to share your experience about that in this group

Good luck.

Nader Belal

Hi Nader.
I’m startig to using grasshopper in connection with archicad 22. I have just dowloaded the connection.exe and it runs perfectly but in grasshopper canvas it doesn’t appear the archicad palette. However, if i digit in the canvas the name of every archicad component is possible to verify their correct loading into grasshopper. i don’t know if you can help me…but i hope it.

PS. after archicad connection, Ladybug-Honeybee-butterfly icons in the palettes are disappeared from grasshopper canvas (only the name of categories remain but empty of icons) but is possible to generate command buttons digitating direclty on the grasshopper’s canvas…

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Hi @corbu,
I’m not sure what might cause the problem but you’ve got to keep in mind that the live connections still does not support Rhino 6. What I would recommend you to do is to uninstall live connection, download Rhino 5 (next to Rhino 6) and install it (it can be trial, edu, expired… doesn’t matter) and then reinstall live connection. This way it’ll probably work. Nontheless I’d still recommend using Rhino 5. There’s still lots of unsolved issues with Rhino 6. Of course it’s worth a shot! Just keep that in mind. :wink: And hey, after you install everything check this out:

And this

Hope those will help a little. Good luck!

Hi lozinskikarol,
Thanks for your help, I solved the problem…it was linked to the activation of the right Layout!!!
Anyway, Thanks a lot again!