Archicad Grasshopper Live Connection

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a project already built on Archicad and I need now, to compile the element’s properties with the right information coming from an excel file.

The process is working, from import phase to the compilation. The problem is that I can not modify the native elements imported from Archicad, but just create new elements with the same characteristics of the old ones, and change its properties.

In the BIM process this means a big mistake beacause if I get the double of the elements I will have problems in the computing phase.

Someone knows if is it possible to modify the objects properties without making a copy?

Thanks a lot to everyone!

Dear Alessio,
I understand your workflow, but I am afraid that if you want to modify properties of elements they have to be created in grasshopper. Maybe I am wrong but that’s the only way in my opinion that grasshopper can generate inputs for archicad elements. For rhino native elements they can be added with the geometry inputs and then modified, but I don’t see an option for archicad elements however.
But is it not possible to keep the original elements as a reference and when everything is done you delete them? You could do this with dedicsted layers etc. ?

Hello Felice,
thanks a lot for your answer. I also thought about the strategy you suggested, but I’m afraid about the risk of making mistakes that could be relly high. The elements I’m trying to manage are full of informations and we are already far in the process.

This is a big limitation of the Live connection. With Dynamo and Revit this problem doesn’t exist, with the option to delete from dynamo (also this is not possible to do with grasshopper) and replace the native elements in Revit and also to manage the information nedeed.

Would be great for Grasshopper to be able to do this and being competitive also in the informatization field. Everything is going in that direction.

For now it is just a modeling tool.

hej @alessio.maurizi1990
I think you can get basic information such as length etc. from the archicad elements, if you use the tool set in the grasshopper plugin (the archicad live connection in gh), but I don’t think you get the full spectrum of all the information, last time I checked.
Sorry it’s been a while since you opened the thread.
Hope you found a solution meanwhile.
And also I agree with you, especially with Rhino.Inside.Revit the workflow is super smooth. I feel that the Live Connection support from the Graphisoft side is not very enthusiastic currently, even though it was promoted as a major feature back when they introduced it, which is a shame. I hope that the logic is not that it is too niche (which it will be if it is too cumbersome to use and doensn’t receive any updates.(

Hi @felice thanks for your contribution.
I found some solution but not with the connection. I managed the changes inside Archicad.

During the research I found interesting articles about API’s or GDL objects to use directly with grasshopper, pushing the workflow close to Revit and Dynamo level. The problem is that to do it you should learn basic programming.

I think the greatest thing would be the possibility of makind GDL objects inside grasshopper, because as someone figured it out, those kind of objects are lighter inside Archicad.

Anyway Graphisoft decided to invest in Param-O.

I hope will be developed a better Connection with Grasshopper instead.

Hi -

You might know this, but note that Grasshopper-Archicad 25 Live Connection was released earlier this month. Perhaps that helps?

Hej wim, thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t mean to suggest that the live connection is indeed abandoned, I realise that my post may suggest that, but rather when compared to other interoperability plugins it may have not yet reached full maturity. But certainly it is maintained and updated with new features.

Hej alessio,
you can edit existing GDL geometry with the live connection if you enable it on the archicad side. please refer to the user manual on the graphisoft website (ARCHICAD Web Viewer)
And you can bake new library parts too.
But if you were to create all your geometry as gdl wouldn’t that mess with your workflow downstream in archicad? (2d representation etc, as this is handled by the different element classes generally?)

Hi Felice,
thanks for your help! I didn’t know about that option. It opens the use of the live connection to different opportunity.

As you said, it’s not a solution for my initial problem. About that, the only solution I found possible is to use Archicad API’s and make a new component on grasshopper that allows you to get information and modify it. But I didn’t try yet… I should understand first how API’s works