Expand Archicad Connection with programming

Is there any way to expand grasshopper connection with Archicad ? Using maybe some custom components in C# on grasshopper ? Maybe some plugin that expands some features?


Graphisoft is developing a Json interface for its API


Just have seen it here
in a python example. Thanks !!

Kinda, You could create the json file (txt file) from grasshopper.

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The missing part in the puzzle IMO is a proper way to write GDL code/objects from within grasshopper. Currently there are only hacky ways to accomplish this. Hopefully, someday…


What are this Hacky ways ? Can you share something about it ?

For example You can pass a list of coordinates to a POLY command from grasshopper to a custom GDL obejct. I have shared in the past some experience at GH/Archicad group at Facebook (which is a horrible place to have a ordered coversation… what a mess!!)





some samples are outdated, since at that time parameter inputs of type list were not supported.


Oh, many thanks, I am trying to pass raillings from grass to archicad, any thoughts on that ?

Could you please elaborate a little bit? When you talk about railing, you mean “archicad raillings” that you want use from existing AC-GH connection plugin components? or you are creating a railling-like “geometry” in GH and you need to pass this to Archicad? Or, maybe you are writing your own railling GDL object and you want to “control” this from Grasshopper?

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I need an BIM element in Archicad that is identical to my geometry o GH and it is a Railling obj in archicad. But it does not need to be changeble, it can be static.