Insert Block Dialog Box

For the first time I’ve seen, when I have started to get this dialog box when I do <CMD/I> for some files:

And I get this on other files:

If the second variant pops up, there is a pair of buttons that will switch between the two formats. If the first variant pops up, there is no set of buttons and I see no way to switch.

It seems to happen when I paste block into a file. Then I have to exit Rhino and then I can insert the block. It does not happen all the time.

I think that’s by design.
If you run Insert in a new file with no blocks defined in it, you get the top dialog.
If the file has blocks defined in it you get the second.

I thought it was sometimes happening when I had blocks defined. Here’s an example. You can see two blocks defined but it will not let me insert a block.

I had to restart to allow me to insert.

I can’t repeat it, but then I restart OSX pretty regularly.
How often do your restart your computer?

Every few months.

I managed a system once that had been up for five years without a restart.

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What’s under the ‘Choose’ drop-down thingy? Anything?