Insert Block Script Block Name Conflict


(Dks5254) #1

I have a problem with a script that I am writing that batch imports many 3dm files and orients them. I am using “rs.Command(’_-Insert File=Yes LinkMode=Embed ‘+file+’ Block _Enter 0,0,0 1.0 0.0’).”

However, the script is interrupted by a block name conflict. Is there any way to bypass this prompt using the code? I want to use the “model block” option.

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @dks5254,

Can you provide me a couple models and a sample script that repeats the problem?


– Dale


This was asked before here, maybe @rajaa can comment on it.

(Dks5254) #4

^Yeah I would love to know if that was ever resolved since it appears to be the exact same issue I am having. I will try to make a sample in the meantime.


It is, and we are still running into this problem every day. Just came into office seeing a command not run overnight because it prompted that window at the fourth element is kind of frustrating as it does not seem that hard to provide a solution.

(Dale Fugier) #6

Hi @dks5254, @rgr,

I believe this issue is fixable, given a sample that I can use to repeat. Just want to make sure we’re fixing the right thing…

– Dale


@dale I have no doubts you can fix that. Unfortunatly I can not send you any of the files I’m working on currently. In the meantime, it would really help if you could somehow make the dialog options accessible to control from a plug-in or the like. This way we could just override it until there is a fix.

(Darryl Menezes) #8

Instead of the below prompt, it would be great in there is an enum in rhinocommon, which lets us choose what to do when the methods InstanceDefinitionTable.DestroySourceArchive() or InstanceDefinitionTable.ModifySourceArchive() is used

(J Estevenssilva) #9

I am running into the same problem