When using "-insert" how to insert block as object

When I use -Insert it gives me the option “Insert As” but when I select the option to change from block it doesn’t allow me to change the setting. I want to insert as an object. ??

Hmmm - works here.Is the control grayed out or it just does not stick when you change the radio button?


Hey Pascal, maybe he’s talking about the dash version here… I’m assuming on Windows…

@solidtooldesigns Seems to be working here… --Mitch

Name of block to insert ( File=No ): File=Yes
Name of file to insert ( File=Yes  LinkMode=Embed  Browse ): Browse
Insert as <Block> ( Block  Group  Objects ): Objects
Import scaling: Keep <ModelSize> ( DimensionNumbers ):
Insertion point ( Rotate  Scale ): 0
Scale factor <1.000> ( ReferencePoint  XYZ  Rotate ):
Rotation angle <0.000> ( AxisAlign  ReferencePoint ):

Oh duh… dash - thanks, got that now.


Hi guys, Thanks for your fast response. Here is a video of me trying to select other options:

I have the same issue whether I am using v5 or v6.

OK, thanks - I do not see that so far - I see all of the options (Insert as ( Block Group Objects )) … what is the block you are inserting, what is in it? Does it do this if you make a new block from say just a box?


Yes. I made a box, selected it, used the “block” command, and saved it as “box”. I just tried the “-insert” again and got the same results.

Hmm- if there is a legitimate way for that option list to be truncated, I do not know it… I’ll have to tap into some of the bigger brains. A restart of Rhino will probably do nothing but it would not hurt.


Have tried restarting v5 and v6. Same results.

FWIW, I am also seeing that behavior here if I use -Insert with a block that is already in the same file. I get the prompt

Insert as <Block> ( Block ):

but clicking on Block doesn’t get me the options, it goes directly to

Insertion point ( Rotate Scale ):

The object inserts as whatever my last choice was with normal Insert, if it was “Object”, I get a polysurface - even if I wanted a block.

Looks like the same behavior as in his video,


OK, I’m getting it now too- thanks all.