[Inquiry] Array of Fins (3 section types) with Variable facade points

HI Everyone,

I need help about this arc like (almost quarter circle) wall with wavy facade pattern. I did this in Sketchup but it was so laborious and time consuming as I have to move all the variable points in Y axis per section “Manually” to match my wavy line sketch in elevation. This task took me an hour or so in Sketchup. Though successful, it’s not an efficient way to go I guess.

I truly appreciate If anybody can guide me how to set this up in Grasshopper in a way that:

  1. When I move my elevation wavy line pattern, the variable points in each fin will automatically gets updated
  2. I can easily revise the Stone Fins thickness & spacing if needed.

Is this possible? I’m open to any other methods / suggestions.

Thanks a lot for checking out.

Attached screenshot with basic info.

I think this is what you are after no?
facade.gh (32.6 KB)

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wow that was awesome fast reply, Thanks a lot, I will try it.

Something to play around with only requiring a base curve:

fins_re.gh (22.2 KB)



Amir, very smart definition. It only needs a curve and sliders as input.
If you don’t mind, I only noticed that the wavy curves are tangent to the top curves, so I took the liberty of modifying your code so that they are truncated as in the original post.
facade.gh (25.6 KB)

Thanks a bunch! I wanna be like you guys, amazing… did you learn this programming from book / school?

Perfect! I was gonna do the same thing but ran out of time :wink:

@CGonz_T still learning! And a bunch from this forum, especially by trying to solve problems and looking at other peoples approaches (just like in this case).

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in my case, 99% from this forum.