Practice of wavy façade

Dear all, to create some wavy facade as in the picture below,

I’m sharing a method here as a reference.
Does anyone have a more simple and understandable method? Welcome to share!

026 Wavy (26.4 KB)

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Here’s a similar topic and my attempt at a solution. I don’t know if it’s more simple or understandable though.

Dear Diff, Thanks for your reply, It seems that our method is similar, there is only one question that I have not been quite clear about. What is its function and meaning when we use the “interpolate data - linear” for processing data? There is no change in the data before and after using it.

You’re right! I don’t know why the user had implemented this. I just rolled with it and helped with what came after. :wink:

Linear interpolation is an important concept from computer science and mathematics. It’s basically curve fitting. You’re trying to fit a collection of values to a line.
There are lots of videos out there explaining it!