Wavy Vertical Louvers Facade with fixed sized elements

Hello Forum,
I try to generate a wavy facade with fixed sized elements. I do get the wavy effect but I have no glue how to adapt this to fixed sized elements. Important is the fixed size for manufacturing in the end, to get the right sizes, dimensions, … The internalised Data, curve, is just for example, the length of the curve is not important, it is up to the single elements which shall define the length of the curve.

For example see the pictures and the attached definition
BP_2_Vertical_Louvers_wave_01.gh (36.7 KB)

Thanks for any help in advance!

Something like this?
BP_2_Vertical_Louvers_wave_01_ME.gh (35.6 KB)

Hey ME_Mark,
I understand it somehow, … still need to figure out some things but that’s it, … thank you! Way more elegant than my attempt! :+1:

One more question, how do I get my 5cm piece back which I need for the mounting?, … see picture:

I tried it but I can’t figure out the parameter which is necessary, see attached def.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!
BP_2_Vertical_Louvers_wave_01_ME_TEST.gh (39.3 KB)

Added the thickness for mounting:
BP_2_Vertical_Louvers_wave_01_ME_TEST_2.gh (24.7 KB)

Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you so much! Take this virtual :beer: as a gift of gratitude! :pray: