.INI custom Display Mode constantly resets to default?

I keep having to re-import .INI files for custom Display Modes in Rhino7.
Could be a bug/clitch with Visual Arq?

Any thoughts suggestions


Hi Bilal -

Could you provide some more information? Which settings of the display mode are being reset? In which way does this have anything to do with VisualARQ? Do you know which steps lead to the display mode being reset?

Thanks for checking in,

I have a couple of variations on shaded and render Display Modes, minor variations, and it seems to be resetting them when i open a NEW rhino 7 file.


VArq can be buggy if you miss an update hehe!
Am currently up tp date so that should not be the problem ATM

Hello - if I understand, you make a new display mode, and use it, and then open a new file and the display mode has somehow reverted to some default… correct?


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Hi, thanks for checking in.

Display Modes are re-setting if i also re-open the same file. Not everytime, at odd times. Not being a programmer i’m not sure how i can tell you more info on this, how do i log it next time it happens?

When it does happen the Display Modes highlighted in the image above simply get re-set to the Shaded Display Mode

It’s not the end of the world but it is annoying having to re-import the INIs.

Hello - what we’d need is the steps to reproduce - exactly. Is there one, or more than one Rhino open? Does it happen if you open a file in the same instance of Rhino or only if you close Rhino completely and start it again, etc.


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Will take a log with screenshots next time it happens,



I changed the background colour setting from default to a custom colour and i think that this is what might have re-set the x2 customised Display Modes i had imported into the application/file all back to default Shaded.