Rest to Default in Custom Display Modes

BUG/WISH 01: Resetting a custom display mode resets it back to Rhino Default values instead of the default saved values of the display mode.

It should reset to the settings it initially had when it was saved/imported.

WISH 02: Also, it would be nice for custom display modes changes also be highlighted in the UI as it currently works for default display modes.

WISH 03: Also, there should be a way to Update the default state of the display mode. Similar to what you guys did with the Window Layouts.


From this.

To This (Reset Default)

So, if I understand you - once a custom mode is created, you’d modify it to taste and then Save it somehow - perhaps to an ini file as in exporting currently - and Rhino would pay attention to that ini file as the ‘default’ for the custom display mode - am I following?
RH-79160 Display modes: reset defaults for custom modes


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Yes. And you can also update that initial state (like overwrite the ini file) to have a new default state.

Same was as Window Layout works. You can either Restore it or Update it.