Custom display mode problem after installed VisualARQ


Not sure if anyone else has the same problem here. After I installed VisualARQ my custom display mode changes to “shaded” mode every time when I restart the program.

Is there a way to fix this? How can I get rid of Visualarq display mode settings? (I already click off the plug-in)


Hi @hoganjasonlee1,

Maybe you defined a default template to use when Rhino starts. If this is the case, just uncheck this option or modify the default template.

Hi @hoganjasonlee1,

Can you show us a video of what is happening?
Can you share with us the .INI file you get when you export your custom display mode?

VisualARQ does not modify any custom display mode. Take into account that there are three display modes that VisualARQ installs: “Hidden”, “Conceptual” and “Realistic”. These display modes can be modified in a Rhino session, but any change won’t be saved, so they are always reverted to the original state when Rhino starts.



A bit o.t.: are there big technical difficulties fixing this? Because I like to use the Hidden mode but with material colors, and needed to reload this edited version countless times already.

Hi @alfmelbev and @enric,

  • I did define a default template but even if I didn’t the problem is still there. The issue is not file base.

  • I will work on a video but once I uninstalled VisualARQ from the windows OS the problem disappeared. Click off the plug-in in DocumentProperties doesn’t work. Have to uninstall it completely. After I re-install VisualARQ my custom display mode just rename itself to “Shaded” therefore my alias won’t work.