Inflated structure with holes

Hello all.
Wondering if someone could give me some help to formalize this idea.

I would like to make a cushion-like structure with fixed (rigid) perimeters and holes inside capable of inflating until collapsing.
The idea would be to recreate something of this type.

Hello - do you want to make a picture or is the goal to make the panels for manufacture, or?
SubD seems like the obvious choice here but if you need the developed panels maybe not.


make 1 planar surface make holes, copy surface, blend surface, you have to make the radius pretty tight though a bit experimenting and it should work, alternatively try loft with option match instead of blend

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Thank you all for your replies.
The idea is to show several images of the inflation sequence. I would also be interested in increasing the pressure so that the holes get almost closed if possible.

Hi James -

You should look into using Kangaroo for this. There are several threads on the subject on this forum.

Maybe @DanielPiker has some good tips on how to do this. I would like to do something similar to this.

Here’s an example (22.2 KB)


wow thats amazing @DanielPiker .
Thanks a lot for your help!
Kind regards

Just twisting it a bit if possible, would it be any way of some how make the surface inside the holes behave differently from the rest? make it inflate more like its thinner.

Here’s a little modification that allows separate control of the material for the sides: (25.8 KB)


Amazing @DanielPiker .
Just what i was looking for.
Again thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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I am trying with less holes but I am having some problem in the simulation, what parameters should I adjust in case I want to have less holes in the inflatable?

It should work to just reference some new curves from Rhino right at the start

To keep things simple I recommend making your new curves a similar scale to the ones in the example then scaling the baked result afterwards if needed, to avoid having to change any other settings in the simulation.

Also, in the file above, the ‘Sy’ Symmetry setting of QRSettings is set to X-axis. If you have curves with no symmetry or different symmetry you’ll need to change this.

After changing the inputs, click the button connected ‘Reset’ on the solver (and once you’re happy with the result, change the toggle to false, so it doesn’t keep running).

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I´ve tried only eliminating the small holes and leaving only the larger ones and the inflation fails.

Step by step, what you’d need to do here:

-Switch the toggle to false to stop the simulation
-Select the curves at the start in GH, right click and bake them into Rhino
-In Rhino, select only the curves you want from these
-In GH, right click the curves component again, and ‘Set Multiple Curves’ to reference this new selection
-Press the ‘Reset’ button
-Switch the Toggle back to True

That’s what I tried but something doesn’t work. This is the file with the new curves linked.
inflate_parts (26.6 KB)

Strange, your file runs fine when I open it.

Which version of Rhino are you running?
(Is it possible you missed the ‘reset’ step? Changing the input curves without resetting the simulation will give odd results there, you just need to click it once to recalculate the connections)

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