Rhino for inflated structures?

Hello folks. Im new around here so i apologise from all of you if i opened a discussion in where im not supposed to.
Im newbie of rhino. I was looking for the solution of designing and preparing cutting patterns of inflated structures (like inflated hangars, infl. pool covers, inf domes bubble type structures etc.) and i found myself here.
I have searched the net but couldn’t find a complete solution to design inflated structures as well as creating cutting patterns of them.
First of all i want to know that: “Am in the right place?”
This is so much important for me that i could take a consultancy service about it.
When i search the internet i saw very complex structures and wondered if they use Rhinoceros or a special plug-in or another software…
So, if one of you are dealing with inflated structures design and patterning please direct me about what kind of a way should i follow…

Excuse my English in advance and i hope i could explain what i mean…

Im looking forward to your help :pray:


Hi and welcome @bocetin,

For some quick and interactive simulation of inflatables you can use Kangaroo which is part of Grasshopper. There’s a basic inflation example here. I’ll be happy to provide some more examples if there’s something specific you are after.

For inflation simulation with some more advanced analysis and patterning capabilities you could look at RhinoMembrane from @gerryark

Kangaroo is a good start for design of inflatables. If you want to enter the world of engineering analysis and production there are specific tools . Rhino membrane for rhino gives quite accurate solutions for inflatables where internal pressure and membrane pre stress are under control . If you want to know more then on our web site www.ixray-ltd.com you can get specific solutions .

Hi Daniel!
thank you for yor suggestions. I guess there is a new version of Rhinomembrane (3.0).
i know Gerry and i am planning to discuss with him about what i need to do with this later on.

Hi Garry!
This is Bora. The history of our acquaintance with you goes back to maybe 10 years ago :slight_smile:
I would like to contact to you again if you give me your contact info from DM so i could explain to you about what i need and how you can help me.