Help with making a puffy/inflated chair

Hi all!

I’m trying to make something like this sketch. I’m using subd geometry (first time using sub ds) but I can’t get it to look as inflated as the sketch. Also not sure how to go about modeling the seat. Anyone have advice for where to start?

I’ve tried piping, duplicating rings and subtracting them, but nothing looks as real as the sketch.

Thank you!!

you probably want to use kangaroo to inflate the geometry

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@Lyndsey_Smith maybe the attached helps: (requires weaverbird to be installed, which you can find on _PackageManager) (29.2 KB)

by adding double edges at certain locations you can get a more defined look: (30.7 KB)


I think @danielpiker uploaded an example for an inflatable air mattressa while ago. (23.9 KB)


a couple more links regarding inflation:

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