Inflated/ bubble hexagons

Does anyone know how to make curved hexagons like this in grasshopper?


One way to do this, is by creating a hexagonal grid of cells, turning the cells into meshes and relaxing the meshes with Kangaroo:

You need Kangaroo 2, which comes with Rhino 6, for this to work. (21.6 KB)

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See also this thread:

See also this approach with nurbs to accentuate the hex corners a little more: (13.2 KB) (19.9 KB)

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another way is to “rail revolve” a section of an ellipse (or other curve), using the hexagon as the rail, and the centroid as a point of rotation.

my mistake, that’s what you did Lando Schumpich, I should not reply to posts before my first cup of coffee