Creating UV matric along the undulating surface / geometry to populate a module

Currently working on populating a bubbled hexagon module along the surface. I am trying to create even UV matrix along undulating surface in Garsshopper that a module can be populated along. see geometry rhino file.

Any suggestion would be helpful thanks!!!
geometry.3dm (1.1 MB) (169.2 KB)

I tried the other methods with helps below.

I tried weaverbird, but it requires all hexagons along the surface needs to have their own surface so that the bubbled can be created . Also the polylines of hexagon need to be all connected so that I can use Weaverbird picture frame command to offset for the hexagon polylines for thickness. how do I achieve that in GH? (169.9 KB)

All polygon bubbles need to be hexagon and be the same size along the geometry file I attached here. hexagon.

LATEST (13.3 KB)

The bubbled polygons (not all hexagon) are populated thanks to Daniel. The geometry is converted into surface /polyline with even hexagon pattern, but I still need to populate it with bubbled hexagon thanks to _corellaman


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