Radial Hexagon Pattern - Grasshopper Script

HI All,

Trying to create a radial hexagon tessellated pattern as a grasshopper script,
Hexagon remains the same size/radius as it continues to go towards the centre of the circle.
Ideally want to have control of the circle radius and hexagon radius / amount of hexagons arrayed.

Screenshot of the pattern being created in rhino, just need something more variable to be able to test

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Radial Hexagon Pattern_re.gh (11.7 KB)

Hi, Thanks for this.

Do you know a way to make the array variable as it the hexagons move towards the centre.

Effectively trying to make a 16000 radius circle with 150x150 hexagons, with the array needing to lessen so they dont overlap as appears ot be happening. The gap between the hexagons ideally would remain consistent as it move from outer to inwards.

You could do it this way:

2023_02_11_Radial_Hexagon.gh (6.6 KB)


Can you please clarify that requirement? Is the image in your first post relevant or not?

Similar patterns have been done in GH for many years:

You basically have two choices. If each ring has the same number of hexagons (or circles), the circles/hexagons must get smaller. If the perimeter is not a circle, spacing gets more complicated, such as this effort of mine for a “Gradient Dot Pattern”, in this case on a curved surface:

The other choice, which sounds like what you are describing, is that each ring has fewer hexagons while keeping a consistent pattern, more like this:

@laurent_delrieu’s script can easily use hexagons instead of circles. It’s tricky to choose a Divide ‘N’ value to maintain the staggered pattern.

concentric_2023Feb11a.gh (9.5 KB)

The ‘B’ slider can be ‘R’ (floating point) instead of ‘N’ (integers).

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