Inflatable object against colliding voronoi boundary

Hey guys, im having a lot of trouble with this piece of code. I have a pitched roof house im trying to model. The goal is to inflate this house and collide it against a surrounding voronoi net. I have already made code for a dynamically relaxed net, but i cannot figure out how to place the voronoi holes on it. Also i have already made code for inflatable objects, but it will not work for my pitched roof house. Can someone please help me with this piece of code, i have been struggling for it for sometime now! If anyone manages to get this code succesful, expect me to maybe even purchase it from you $$$$$.

inflatetest.3dm (164.0 KB)
inflateaboxmesh2.ghx (414.9 KB)

Please don’t duplicate post. Just bump the old post or ask something else in it. Inflatable object colliding against voronoi net

sorry im quite new to these forums and grasshopper in general

In that case I suggest to start at the basics before jumping to physics engines. Learn to crawl before you can walk.