Inflatable object colliding against voronoi net

Hey guys im very new to grasshopper, so i thought id ask this page for some help.
I have a pitched roof house im trying to model. The goal is to inflate this house and collide it against a surrounding dynamically relaxed voronoi net, so i could create unusual but interesting forms from this house. I have figured out the code for inflating an object, however it only inflates boxes and not my model. I have lso created a voronoi pattern but i cannot figure out how to apply it onto my dynamically relaxed net i have. Can someone please help me out. inflateaboxmesh2.ghx (414.9 KB)
inflatetest.3dm (164.0 KB)

So Voronoi+Catenary+Pitched roof+Inflatable+Collision? That’s quite a mix.
Can you explain the logic behind this concept at all? Some sketches of the desired result could help too.

Something along these lines.