Inflatable Simulation with differentiated material thickness?

Hello good people,

I am researching differentiated expansion behaviors within a single monolithic object by changing its material thickness (e.g. if thickness gradation along the longitudinal axis can elongate the object), and I would like to test that in grasshopper first before getting into the material experiment.

As I just began to learn kangaroo, my progress is quite slow. May I know if anyone has some thought on how to create such an algorithm? Simple diagrams or definitions (or what component I should look into) that can help me get started will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I believe that you could use the Pressure goal in Kangaroo and combine it with a springs from the mesh edges where the spring stiffness is higher where the material is thicker.

I am not sure how you would set this up to accurately represent the material in real life though.

Perhaps look at some Kangaroo examples for inflating meshes and how the mesh topology needs to be to represent the material (warp / weft properties ets) there is a warp weft tool in Kangaroo too which could be useful.

If you come back with an attempt then I’m sure you will get some help!