Kangaroo balloon and voronoi frame

Hi, I’m working on a project in the form of balloons in Voronoi.
The balloons are made to swell by using kangaroos.
And i want to make structure with voronoi
So I want to make a frame that looks like a Voronoy frame that wraps around a balloon, is there a way?

this is ballon and grasshopper algorithms.

this is voronoi that i want to make around balloon

Hi @ktkim8461
It’s easier to help if you post the actual gh file, not just a screenshot.
I posted one example recently that might be relevant:

If you just want to make a smoothed version of the initial Voronoi cells, then you could skip the whole simulation part like this:

voronoi_cage.gh (10.7 KB)

If you do want to simulate though, there is a new soft-body collision component in the latest R7 SRC that makes it a bit easier. This will give a more realistic squeezing together of the balloons. When you let them move around freely like this, the gaps between them no longer follow the original Voronoi division.

balloonpack.gh (16.2 KB)

and here’s another example with the soft-body collision:
ballooncollapse.gh (23.2 KB)


Thanks a lot :)))
But what i want to make is that the balloons cramble, and the voronoi is in structure around the balloon.
balloonbox voronoi.gh (49.6 KB)

If you inflate the balloons, the gaps between them will change, and will no longer be simply Voronoi cells of the points at the balloon centres - in fact the edges wont even necessarily be straight.
What’s the overall aim here?

The final goal is to make squashed balloons and fix them with pipes shaped like Voronoi!
So balloon shape that not a sphere, a heterozygous form is more important…
so the between space in box

What does ‘shaped like Voronoi’ mean to you?
The Voronoi cells of a distribution of points will have straight edges.
The gaps between the packed inflated balloons which are free to move as they inflate will not generally follow straight lines, so these things are in conflict.

Finding some shape of cage that fits in the gaps between the balloons might be possible, but it is more complicated than just getting the Voronoi cells of some points.

I bake the inflated balloon and make cage that holds them :joy:
So can make the cage fits in the gaps between the balloons…?

Is there any way when I make a Voronoi structure and can inflate balloon in the voronoi?
balloon voronoi wire.gh (27.4 KB)
This is my balloon and voronoi structure…