Independence Day Resurgence Tug Design

Thank you, most kind of you to say. Im so glad you are inspired to push forward learning. The reward will be worth the effort trust me. I spent many nights and weekends teaching myself Rhino so that I could eventually end up where I am today. Its been a tough road now and again but overall its been rewarding.

This community has been the best support group I could have asked for. Not only for learning from those whom I consider masters but for encouraging others to tap into their creativity .

Im so glad you enjoy my work enough to use an image for your desktop background. I hope that it does inspire you to keep going.


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Amazing work Scott!

Was your Rhino model also used by the VFX team, or solely for creation of the physical model?

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I need one of those for the farm…Great work.


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Thanks David, a lot of people made this happen in record time . I was one part in a larger puzzle.

It was yes, of course they re-topologize it to work better in their pipeline but its used as a base. They also scan the physical build since as built does vary a bit from as designed.

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Dang, Scott. Dang.

Also, dang.

Wow, I can’t believe you designed this and made the set from scratch in 14 weeks!
I thought the set photos were renders!
If you do get replaced by AI, I think you’re going to be OK!

Yeah we were pretty amazed that it got done when it did as well. Kudos to the construction team. If it wasnt for them it wouldnt have happened . They were the true heros on that project.

As for being replaced by AI… Anything I do or how I do it is inconsequential. It will come down whats cheaper and right now in the eyes of the studios and the producers AI is cheaper.