Linear array objects

Please see attached image.
Is there a way to copy/array object along a path/line/polyline at a previosuly defined distance, and then when streched eg from 50cm to 100cm or to any other distance, it will array the object automaticaly inbetween?

Mario, have you tried Scale1D? —-Mark

As far as I know, if you are looking to multiply the objects at the given interval based on a fixed spacing when the line is scaled, the only way I know how to do this is with Grasshopper…

Ah, wait - use ArrayCrv with history enabled! Do your array for the first time with the given interval. Then scale the curve. The number of items should adapt.

This record history is working nicely but what I would want to do now is to copy this array and to be able to continue with this scaling/steching the curve.
This copied object/array need to become independent.

I think that will only be possible with Grasshopper. Rhino’s history will only relate the original curve and the original object(s) to array.

Unfortunatly I dont have any grasshopper knowledge :frowning: