Increase stair height when increasing height of treehouse

Hi there, for my school project I am in the process of creating a tree house, I have followed a tutorial for a stair case and I was wondering if there is a away for me to connect the top of the stair case to the flooring of my tree house. So when I change the height of the tree house the stair case height will also change?

I am unsure if the tutorial I followed is correct for this design, as I have been manually moving the points on rhino to change the overall stair case height, and this is not what I am after.

The blue line on the image uploaded is how I would like the stair case to be. Allowing access into the tree house through the flooring.

I have also uploaded the grasshopper script.

Thanks, Louisa

Hi, Louisa!

Here is the start:

To recreate this, first right click the Input Points (Ascending) and choose “Extract Parameter”. Then shift the newly created point container left, and build everything inbetween.

To have the stair height change in tandem with the floor height of the tree house, you will have to associatethe H parameter of “BoxRec” to the offset height variable for your tree house. Right now it just takes in a manual input.

But I’m sure you’ll be able to figure that out. Can’t be doing all your homework for you. :wink:

Hi Volker, Thanks for your response, at the moment I can’t even get your manual input to work for the height parameter of “boxrec”. The “boxmap” is coming up with a red error. What is the grey box you plugged into the H called (the one that says new stairs height).

What do you mean in regards to the offset height variable of my tree house? Iv’e only been using grasshopper for a couple weeks therefore I am very new to it all.

Mea culpa. I should have zoomed in close enough for you too see that the Bounding Box component is set to “Union”. To do that, right click the Bounding Box in the center, and select “Union” from the context dialogue.

The grey box is simply a rational number box container that I renamed for clarification purposes. It takes the text from the panel and turns it into a number, although plugging the panel directly into the Box Rectangle component as you have will work just as well.