Need help with taking fence to next level

Hey all,

So I’ve made a fence in GH for a project, see picture below:

Right now it’s got one standardized panel size, and I want to change it to be more dynamic so that the panel heights vary in an interesting pattern. One tricky part though is I need the vertical spacing between the boards to be constant (0.25") everywhere. I’m at a real loss as how to create dynamically varied panel heights across the posts, while keeping the gap between boards the same. Does anyone have any ideas of how to approach this? I’m pretty stuck. What would you do? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @robincj

This fence may be parametrise in a lot of different ways. I have attached one possible solution.

I hope it helps!

Regards! (17.2 KB)

Hi @bbalbastre, first of all thank you very much for the response. I am looking at the script you attached however, and I’m not seeing where/how you would differentiate the panel heights with what you made. I see that you did an offset to create the gaps, but it’s still a single standardized panel height pattern? How would I go about using this script to alter the panel heights? Thank you very much! My apologies if it’s something obvious I’ve missed.


What you are asking is pretty obvious. I recommend you take a basic course on GH or watch some youtube videos to give you an initial perspective of the software.

The script I made establishes many segments in order to divide the panel height. However, it can easily be modified in order to establish a specific panel height using the Divide Length component.

Regards! (14.7 KB)