Move point

I’m trying to make a “stairs” pattern in GH/rhino, but it is not becomeing how I want it to be…
Is there anybody that can help me look at my code, and see why it won’t work? I’m trying to get the moved points to have the same z-value as the other point explained in the drawing… but it want work…anybody knows what to do?

Q_GH_2 (7.4 KB)

thanku! haha im very bad at GH, could you have the name of the commands you used and not only symboles? Thanku again:):):slight_smile:

looking for this?

As is often the case in GH, there are multiple ways to solve a problem. Here is an alternate solution: (8.6 KB)


Cant get your code to work… (16.8 KB)


thanku! :):slight_smile:
But still, look at the code, it says it needs a number that is divided by Three, in the beginning of the code… and also it looks i bit wierd in Rhino…

You need to internalise the curves before you upload the definition. See point 3 in the link below.