Inconsistent ender material tiling and rotation

Please help me with what I am missing about this. Every object I try to apply a material to takes on the scale and properties of the first object as far as tiling and rotation. I cannot for instance apply a common material such as roof tiles and have it editable for each object, so I end up with some objects displaying the tiles small and on another, giant and with the rotation different. If I join objects I lose control of the rotation but the size is consistent.
What am I doing wrong? See my example below. Thanks so much.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.51.30 am.png

I know your pain well.
Unfortunately there is no magic button. You will need to apply new UV mapping for each.
For roof’s like theses I would go one my one and ApplyPlanarMapping on the X and Y direction and Scale necessary for each.

Yep… I managed to do it but it is a total pain. Not sure how i actually do it but it finally gets done. For this roof I rotated each surface so that the tile direction all ran the same and then selected them all using the bounding box in the ApplyPlanarMapping and they all come out correct in orientation and then I adjust the scale…This was one of 10 roofs I have to all have matching. It only works for me when I do all surfaces in the one go that are using this material. I have over 100 surfaces I have to do, which is rotating all pieces individually and then mapping them and then re=rotating them and rebuilding the roofs…Thanks for the reply, I found out about the mapping tool via a previous post…Cheers again

Within tmd ApplyPlanarMapping, after selecting the surface, you can press “P” to create 3Point. Then you can select the X and Y Direction and scale by length.

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