Inconsistent behaviour bug

Hello, the two “Rectangle” blocks have the same input. The one circled in red outputs to correct positon.
The one in green returns the positons scaled by 2.
This beahaviour persists over “recompute” (F5).

If I hook output of the one in red to intended targets and hit F5, they flip.
As stated above, their unputs are same. Even if there was some loop causing change of input upon recompute, both should show the same values.

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The source of the issue seems to be the “DefEmbeded” block. The information about block origin “backflows”.

With block origin at XYplane

Hi Vojtech -

I take it that’s a component from a 3rd party plug-in?

Not completely sure. I just started using Rhino 8 and this is the only component I’ve found that creates blocks. Is there some other component?



Sorry, I took a screenshot from R7 by mistake.

This one.


That is from the Elefront plug-in.