Elefront RefBake component sometimes not working

I have a relatively large model of a building facade with all framing components and glass modelled in 3D (created through other grasshopper/elefront files). In this grasshopper script I read in all the 3D framing components and create 2D views of the panels. The problem I am experiencing is an intermittent one where some of the RefBake components are sometimes empty. Recomputing the grasshopper file or the RefBake component usually “solves” the problem. Please see the attached 2 images, showing the before and after recomputing grasshopper canvas. The problematic component in this case is the “Extrusion - Mullions-L” component. (The Extrusion - Fins component is supposed to be empty).

Has anyone come across something like this before? Is it a RAM or CPU issue perhaps? I have a Intel(R) Core™ i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz and 32GB DDR4 RAM.

Here is a dropbox link to the Rhino and Grasshopper files:

It may be difficult to reproduce the error since it is so intermittent. I would however appreciate any insight you may have.


Hi Rudolf,

Honestly we have never run into this issue yet and nothing jumps out at me as an immediate culprit. I am also not able to recreate the conditions where the referencing fails. The machine I am testing this on isn’t too much higher spec’d than your machine (Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2274G CPU @ 4.00GHz / 64 GB RAM), so I don’t suspect it is the machine. In practice we have models with hundreds of thousands or millions of referenced objects, so it is a bit strange to see the reference failing here. We will be on the lookout for this issue however, so please let us know if you have any more information on the context when this issue happens so we can help diagnose and solve!

One thing that may be an issue is the number of reference components used. I don’t yet know why this may be the source of the issue, but one thing you can try and do is reduce the number of times the reference component is used. The reference bake component does take in multiple inputs, which you can then flatten and filter as you are doing. See this image:

I do see that you are R7, which we use in certain workflows at the moment but some of our larger projects are in R6 and we haven’t fully vetted Elefront in R7. However, we do have some large models in R7 that reference hundreds of thousands of objects and haven’t run into this yet. I also noticed that you are using Grasshopper Player to interact with the script. Does this issue only occur when GH player is being used?

Anyways, interesting problem and we are on the hunt!


Hi Evan

Thanks very much for looking at this. I will reduce the number of RefBake components and see if the error occurrence reduces. Funny, I have not been able to reproduce this error since posting here!

This error has occurred while running grasshopper player, but the same issue occurs when I open the grasshopper file, so I don’t see that as a culprit.

The only other aspect I can think of (long shot), is that I run my files from my OneDrive folder… I don’t know if there’s some sort of data interruption from OneDrive.